Thursday, March 20, 2008

Saturday Dogs...and the owners they trained

Ditching Treats, Choke Chains, and Shock Collars

New book gives remarkable insight
to dog behavior and the mistakes owners make

Though the recent history of dog training suggests otherwise, treats, choke chains, and shock collars ignore what makes a dog a dog.

In fact, the overuse of such stimuli in combination with owner ignorance has created generations of hyperactive, disobedient dogs, some of whom are put to death.

In her critically acclaimed book, Saturday Dogs...and the owners they trained, Susan Overfield outlines her proven training approach, focusing on behavior and social identity in a relationship-oriented way.

Written in the spirit of James Herriott, Overfield's book is an anecdotal manual that examines common mistakes owners make in the realm of dog behavior.

Overfield's unique insight to both man and dog focuses on the stress and misery caused by insecure owners. Her stories focus on clients with common behavioral problems that cause their animals to jump, pull, lick, and bite.

Her method trains the owner to see their dog for what it is (a dog) and analyzes how the behavior and response of both parties results in either joy or abject misery.

Written for any owner who has ever been trained by a dog, Saturday Dogs opens the door to a relationship with long-term stability within the behavioral, psychological, emotional and social parameters of man's best friend.

Praise for Saturday Dogs
"...Susan Overfield's work is noteworthy...she focuses our attention on the dog's behavioral properties, on its social identity...her contribution is to remind us that...successfully living with a dog is not a process of rewards and punishments, it is a relationship..."
Stewart Hilliard, PhD, one of the world's leading authorities on canine psychology, behavior and training, co-author of Schutzhund: Theory and Training Methods

"The wonderful stories are the stories my rescue dogs have experienced...because of the wealth of common-sense information, the dogs and I now communicate easily...this knowledge has literally saved dogs' lives."
David Powers, Montana coordinator, American Brittany Rescue


ISBN: 0-980-2199-5-7

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