Monday, April 28, 2008

BOSS Dog Clinic, American Brittany Rescue Fund-raiser

ABR is sponsoring a fund-raiser

BOSS Dog Clinic
(Behavioral-Obedience Skills Seminar)

Instructor: Susan Overfield
Nationally known for her BOSS Dog Clinics and her method of behavioral-obedience training and author of "Saturday Dogs...and the owners they trained"

*Note: Susan's clinics fill up quickly, so please register early if you want to guarantee a spot. My
contact information is below. Thank you, Dave Powers, MT Co-Ordinator, ABR

Morning Session: Dog psychology seminar,
This is a 2-hour seminar discussing the emotional, physical, social and mental development of dogs and their behavioral and psychological responses to stimuli within their immediate environment. How humans create misbehavior, phobias and unintentional problems through their miscommunication and actions with their dogs. For humans ONLY. Cost $50 per person

Full-Day: Psychology seminar & Behavioral-Obedience
Dog Psychology Seminar in the morning and the afternoon devoted to applied-behavioral
obedience for a maximum of 25 dogs and owners who must
have attended the morning session.
The afternoon concentrates on
communication and basic behavioral-obedience. Owners and
their dogs work with Susan Overfield in order to learn how to implement the psychological and
behavioral skills discussed in the morning session. This is NOT a theory/lecture class,
this is a hands-on class for owners and dogs.
Cost $100 per dog/handler


9 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Gallatin County Fairgrounds
901 North Black
Bozeman MT

For more information, or to register for Morning or Full-Day Clinic, please contact:
Dave Powers or call: (406) 222-6847
Susan Overfield or call (406) 868-5121


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