Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Animal Foundation Quotes of the Week

In a meeting between HSCC and the Animal Foundation on July 9, 2007, after the takeover of the shelter Bob James and John Gilbert suggested the HSCC merge with the Animal Foundation and the following quotes were taken down verbatim in that meeting:

"The Animal Foundation has worked for years to build equity with the City, County, police department and media, and would share some of their equity with the City to smooth things over for the HSCC and can make the MOU* go away, and the HSCC Board members would not have to resign" B. James

(Ed. - *MOU - memorandum of understanding proposed by John Lawton, which included the requirement that all current HSCC Board members resign, with new members to be appointed and overseen by the City.)

"We have a lot of equity with the Tribune, and if we merge, we could meet with the Tribune editorial board about a story on the new situation." B. James

"Negative PR has hurt fund raising so we are focusing on the dog park because it is good PR."
both B. James and J. Gilbert

Ed - My, my...Kind of makes one stop and consider all the statements from the Foundation about NOT knowing what's going on, what's happening, not being involved with the City, and reading the recent Tribune articles about the Foundation with a healthy bit of skepticism, doesn't it?

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